Lately I’ve been overwhelmed with the number of jobs to audition for, which is a good thing!  But it has made for some long days of work, which has led to some observations about some of the many benefits there are in doing voice over work.  I am amazed though that I haven’t heard mention one, of them, anywhere?  Not that I have covered the internet when it comes to voice over articles tips, techniques, and advice – but I sure have made a large sized dent in it and haven’t read or heard one iota of these?

So without further ado,..

My 1st benefit that I have noticed lately is getting plenty of water!

I have been told the importance of drinking lots of water since I was a child, but have never reached the 8 glasses a day goal consistently for any length of time, until now! 🙂  Auditioning for hours on end = drinking water for hours on end.

Plus I usually add some lemon juice to mine, (to help my voice and pronunciation) which supposedly increases the detoxifacation factor.  If nothing else it tastes good 🙂  It’s also handy to have a filter for your water so you can get the ‘good’ stuff right from your tap.

I won’t bore you the benefits of drinking water, if you don’t know, here are a few in this pic.

More voice over work + more water =a good thing!

Benefits of drinking water