Finding the right voice for your words is crucial. To make it easier for you to accomplish your goal booking is as easy as 1,2,3.

1. I am always happy to audition for any potential projects. Just send me your copy with any additional direction, if any, and I will quickly send you a custom audition.

2. Schedule the session. I’m well acquainted with “I need it ASAP” and even if you don’t say it, I aim to provide 24 hour turn around for most projects. I can record remotely from my studio, in-house with you, or at a location of your choosing. Scheduling contact info is below.

3. My rates are reasonable and competitive. Rate card is available and negotiable depending on project budget. I also run specials throughout the year, “like” my facebook page, connect via Twitter (upper left) and subscribe to get email updates (upper right) to be first to know when I do!

  • Contact me via email @ or 865.304.4922 to book.

To inquire about booking for On-Camera work please contact me for my latest resume and/or Talent Trek.


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