exercise-illustrationWe have all heard about working out to look good and help keep the flub at bay. I have found that there are many ‘other’ benefits of regular exercise for voice and on-camera talent, that don’t get much press, if any.

  1. Increases performance ability – cardio makes for a strong heart and lungs which make for increased performance when doing those marathon never ending voice over sentences that just keep going and going without any punctuation or pauses to allow you to catch your breath 😉
  2. Better range of motion so you can do more – working out keeps all of your muscles functioning at the peak including improved balance and flexibility. Sometimes on-camera work requires physical activity, voice-overs often do too. What a shame to lose a job or be miserable while doing it because your body isn’t able.
  3. Increased confidence – working out makes you feel better, feeling better makes you more comfortable, feeling more comfortable makes you more confident, and more confidence makes for a better performance.
  4. Stamina to go for those 10 – 12 hour days on set or in front of the mic – whether it is standing, moving, or sitting for long periods of time, your body can handle it like a pro because it is strong and flexible and ready to work for you instead of causing pain and slowing you down.
  5. Your voice performs better – when your core is strong, both front and back, your muscles are prepped and ready to work for you not against you. Especially in voice-over work where we breathe with our stomach not our chest, having a strong core is key.
  6. You feel good – you are in a better mood and more relaxed, so it becomes easy to ‘smile’ as you read voice-overs for hours on end, you don’t have to force yourself to do it.
  7. More energy – working out increases energy rather than depleting it, I don’t know the science behind it, but I know it is true!
  8. Better health over the long haul – better health means better quality of life which means you can keep working and enjoy life longer.
  9. You ‘need’ less or no caffeine for energy – after tapping into your real energy you don’t ‘need’ as much or any fake energy. Caffeine negatively impacts your vocal performance and your skin’s appearance, so the less you consume the better.
  10. Last, but not least, it definitely never hurts to look your best especially for those on-camera jobs 😉

What benefits have you noticed from exercise that help your voice and on-camera work?


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