One of my greatest challenges in acting is overcoming the many obstacles between my voice and body moving as one. I may nail the lines but then forget what I did physically, or make some great facial expression but botch the line. (Even though my voice over work is not on camera, I also do a good bit of on camera work, check out Discovery ID, TV 1, and DIY). These things matter because we want to give our best and we often have to re-create what we just did so the camera can get it from a different angle. Sometimes though the voice and body are both out of sync together because they are both so closely connected, we move when we communicate, even if it is just our face, and usually it is much more. Many don’t realize how physically demanding some voice over work is. Check out Robin Williams (skip to about 6:30)

I recently had the pleasure of continuing my acting training with the New York Studio out of Asheville, NC. I did the Movement and Voice class described as, ‘physical training for the organic actor,’ this class combines these four methods to provide the actor with physical freedom, emotional openness, and release. This work pinpoints and dissolves physical and vocal blocks in the body, which inhibit the actor’s ability to freely process their ongoing experience.  Actors will develop and expand their natural movement impulses and vocabulary beyond what is habitual to develop a deeper, more vulnerable connection with themselves, their environment, and other actors.”

It is fascinating how many blocks we can have, and how small they can be. Even a toe can hold tension and our ‘self’ which then will come out in the character. The goal is to be so free of yourself that you can truly embody the character. We did some wonderful exercises in breaking through those blocks and I not only learned a lot how our voice and body connect but I also got to apply what I learned. Big high 5 for the class and my instructor Richard. I’m looking forward to learning more with them!