Poignant, Striking, Captivating

There are so many things I love about voice overs; telling stories that need to be told, helping others make their dream a reality, combining video, music, and words to portray something greater than any of them alone could do.

This video is an excellent example of how sometimes, less is more, and the ever important – especially in the world of writing and media – show don’t tell. There isn’t a word spoken until almost 2 and half minutes in, and then only a few sentences.

The videography is exquisite, even if it is hard to watch at times.

The music ebbs and flows with the images – changing in tone to perfectly convey the emotion felt as you see the images.

The point of the short film is clearly made. I am now painfully aware of where many bottle caps and pieces of garbage that aren’t recycled or even thrown away end up.

Beyond this being a magnificently produced short film example – I of course also hope everyone that sees this is propelled to take action in whatever way they can. Spread the word about the film, stop buying so many things made from non-degradable plastic, stop littering, start recycling, clean the beach if you live near one. Clean up where ever you are! Show this to kids, neighbors, and co-workers, blog about it, get creative and make things or re-purpose things that you can use from your garbage, get a water filter and stop buying bottled water, stop drinking soda, go make your own movie…

For more info http://www.midwayfilm.com/ and http://www.MidwayJourney.com/