"Say What?" © G. Paxton

Update: Thanks for your votes everyone – I won 1st place  😉

Sometimes we need a good dose of fresh air and the chance to use our brains in a completely different way. So when I saw a Scarecrow making contest at the park where my farmer’s market is I thought, hmm, I’ve never made a scarecrow before, let’s do it!

Here is “Say What?” my “unique” voice over scarecrow that didn’t turn out much like I originally planned, but she does at least stand (which was a feat of engineering)! She was going to feature knee high boots, which proved quite the challenge on top of a hill in the wind 😉

Now, she needs YOUR vote!

It only takes a few seconds, there is no sign up, no connecting, and no facebook app seeking access to all of your friends. Just click HERE  (http://surveymonkey.com/s/ScarecrowVOTE) click on “Say What?” and then “done”. You don’t have to vote for each category, although you are welcome too – my favorites are Bea Greener, and Miss Muffet)

Best of all, you can proudly show off your “I voted today” sticker 🙂

Thanks for your support!!!