I realize that many of you reading this are new to the wonderful world of voice overs and may not be familiar with what exactly a voice over is?

So, the short answer is a voice over is any time you hear a voice with out seeing the person speaking.

Here are some examples of voice over opportunities:

  • Audio books – both adult and children
  • Commercials – radio, TV and internet
  • Podcasts – usually thru itunes
  • E Training videos – any pre recorded training used via the internet
  • Narration and Documentary
  • Self Guided Tours
  • Phone Messages
  • Video Games
  • Movies, especially cartoons
My favorite part of voice overs is that your acting isn’t limited by your appearance as it is on camera and on stage.  If you can do the voice of a little kid, old lady, starfish, or horse … than you ARE a kid, old lady, starfish, or horse!  It’s an excellent vehicle to stretch your imagination!
It’s also a great way to make a living, … more on that to come!